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Ladybug in the Room
for Orchestra

Program Note

    The piece is based on my personal story when a ladybug got into my room in the early fall. It is a story that hasn't ended as the ladybug lives in my room for the winter. The piece captures the story as a snapshot like a storybook. Ladybug crazily flying around the room up and down, crawling on a floor, hiding in a place which personally frustrates me as a character in the story, trying to catch the ladybug, and missing it - there are lots of things happening and these are all portrayed in the piece.


    Along with the storyline, there are motific elements that are used throughout the piece and it portrays dots on a ladybug. Sometimes the motif appears as staccatos like small dots and sometimes as combined-long altered lines. I wish the piece personally connects to you, letting you think back on memories of your childhood or special times as you had. (The ending depicts the ladybug getting captured in a bottle.)

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